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Home Staging

Home Staging

Home Staging

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N eed to sell your home? Let Carolinas Royale stage each room of your house to get it picture ready to appeal to the Buyer. We bring in whatever is needed. You might already have nice drapes but need a kitchen table and some plants to spice it up. We want to declutter everything and let the buyer imagine there stuff inside but not take everything out. Here is some items that we can move in to help sell your home.

Fake Plants 3ft tall-8ft tall
End Tables
Kitchen Table
Folded Towels (Hotel Style)
Pictures and Paintings
China Cabinet
Kitchen Décor
Bathroom Décor

Below is a list of what our team will do to the inside of your home before we stage everything. We need to have a clean inside of the house before taking photos.


  • toilets disinfected
  • mirrors wiped down
  • sinks cleaned
  • faucets polished
  • bathtub disinfected
  • shower door cleaned
  • any window seals wiped down
  • baseboards wiped
  • trash emptied
  • outsides of cabinets wiped down
  • floor swept
  • steamer applied


  • microwave cleaned inside and out
  • all countertops cleaned
  • any window seals wiped down
  • trash taken away
  • all appliances wiped down (stainless steel cleaner used for stainless)
  • kitchen table cleaned
  • baseboards wiped
  • backsplash behind countertops cleaned
  • outside of cabinets cleaned
  • sink cleaned
  • floors swept and mopped


  • beds made
  • all surfaces dusted
  • baseboards wiped
  • overhead fans cleaned
  • carpets vacuumed
  • any mirrors are cleaned
  • trash emptied
  • light general straightening completed
  • picture frames dusted

Other living areas

  • outside patio
  • laundry room
  • sunroom
  • bonus room
  • garage
  • movie room

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